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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Give Examples: Is Google Lying To Us?

Give Examples: Is Google Lying To Us?

If any of you read some of the comments left on the stuff I write here, you will see some of the anger and actual hate some webmasters have towards Google and even myself. They think that I am paid by Google to feed you things that they want you to hear and believe all in an effort to set you up and make you all fail.
WebmasterWorld thread started by goodroi asks webmasters if they feel Google is actually giving false statements or advice? In short, is Google and more specifically, Matt Cutts, lying to SEOs and webmasters either intentionally or unintentionally, either for the good of the webmaster community or for not.
It is not good enough to say yes, Google is lying to us. You must give examples in the thread.
For example, Google told us links in press releases don't help with rankings but that was quickly disproven. Greg in the thread felt it was Google's Matt Cutts trying to steer webmasters in the right direction, Greg wrote:
In that case I think Matt was well intentioned and trying to help educate newbies who IMHO greatly overvalue press release links. But it was not 100% accurate even though I personally do think the key message he was saying is correct.
So if you think Google is lying to us. If you think Google fooled me or corrupted me. Give examples either in the thread or in the comments below.
To make things fun, I'll also add a poll asking you if you think Google is lying to us.
Is Google Lying To Us?


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